An Unforgettable Stay at Blueys Retreat

Posted on July 12, 2018Posted in Hotels & Travel

Despite its tiny population of 673, Pacific Palms in New South Wales has distinguished itself as a primary surfing destination in Australia. In fact, tourism has become the area’s biggest industry, drawing thousands of visitors annually. Aside from its prime coasts and beaches, Pacific Palms is known for its various hotels and hostels that cater to every taste, purpose and price range. No matter what your preference and budget, there’s sure to be a Pacific Palms accommodation that’s right for you.

Pacific Palms accommodation

Pacific Palms may be small, but it doesn’t mean the area is behind in technological advancement. Accommodation in Pacific Palms is easy to book as most hotels and hostels do over online booking through their own website, plus other third-party sources. You don’t even need to go to your local traveling agency to find the right holiday package for you, all tourist needs are accessible with a few mouse clicks.

Blueys Retreat

If this is your first time traveling to Pacific Palms, you may not know much about the different accommodation options, and which ones are the best. You may browse through several online forums and communities to look for reviews and testimonials from other tourists. One hotel that’s been garnering a lot of positive reviews is Blueys Retreat, so if you don’t know your way around Pacific Palms, this hotel is a great place to start.

Recommended for casual tourists and businessmen alike, Blueys Retreat is the best accommodation Pacific Palms has to offer. Instead of the modern look that most hotels go for nowadays, the retreat lives up to its name – think of it as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The hotel makes the most out of Pacific Palms’ natural scenery with its village-like environment. The hotel itself overlooks a scenic and lush rain forest, so you can enjoy nature it at its finest.

Now, just because this luxury boutique resort goes the natural route doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer advanced amenities that would make a traveler’s stay more comfortable. Pacific Palms is brimming with places to visit and enjoy, but there are a lot of things you can do at the hotel itself! Blueys resort boasts an array of facilities like a tennis court, clubhouse, heated spa, pool and restaurant cafes.

If that’s not enough, you can head on to Blueys beach, which is famous for its clear waters, white sand beaches, marine life and surfing waves. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a surfer looking for some killer waves, or a hopeless romantic out for long and scenic walks along the beach, Blueys beach has all sorts of activities that fit all lifestyles.

Beyond The Beach

No matter how great your Pacific Palms accommodation is, nobody would want to spend day after day cooped up in a hotel. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even explore areas beyond Blueys beach. There are several beaches nearby like Boomerang, Elizabeth, Shelley and Seven Mile beach. This stretch of land is water sports heaven, where you can rent a canoe, windsurf and even learn how to sail a boat.

If water sports are not your thing, it’s okay. There are tons of activities you can enjoy in Pacific Palms, like golfing and exploring the national park. More of these at

Day’s End

With all activities you can enjoy in Pacific Palms, it’s natural for you to feel tuckered out at the end of the day. This makes your choice of Pacific Palms accommodation all the more important. A hotel like Bluey’s Retreat will get you into the mood for a relaxing night, with its laid back and natural ambiance. With great accommodation, you’d get a great night’s sleep so you can be ready for more adventures the following day.